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Consulting Services

Want to start a library makerspace?  Need help picking tools or advice on space usage and efficiency?  Ask about our experts and get a free consultation.

One-Time events

individualized time, space and comforts for your group

Train here...cause our space is COOL!

Corporate Sponsorships

Supplement your group's membership to the space as 

An employee incentive or bonus 

Great rates for them  :  Publicity for you!

​​​Have additional business needs?   WE HAVE THE SOLUTION

Tiger Teams

3 day, all access project resolution time

Get your team unstuck in our creative space

*Each newly assigned employee will have to pass the safety tool test and sign membership forms before they can use the space.  Only one employee can be in the space at a time.

**  This rate is based on the Monthly, Auto-renewal Rate Contract, 6-month commitment with an open contract after the initial period.  A Month to Month plan has a monthly surcharge.

We also have A Montly 1-person unlimited membership.  It has all of the same, great features at $125 for one access card, non-transferrable.

Up to 5 employees with unlimited access memberships every month, with holders transferable once a month to fit your current needs, preference given for tool reservations and space rental, and much more.*

$200 a month**