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July 10-14  Drone Mayhem Week

Racers will build a MultiGP racing series compliant “Tiny Whoop” class first person viewer racing drone complete with VR goggles (they get to keep both!). Racers will design and build racing gates for the Maker’s Edge quad copter racing course. They’ll also build themselves custom electro-luminescent landing pads. And, of course, they’ll need to build a CNC manufactured carrying case for their drone. Along the way, racers will solder, learn the basics of virtual reality technology, discuss aerodynamics principles, CAD, CNC manufacturing, and generally learn the science behind everything they’re building. Week will end with an afternoon of racing.   *BE AWARE:  this class has a $139 supply fee to pay for a Quadcopter “Tiny Whoop”, soldering, el-wire landing pad, and CNC carrying case for drone

What!  You're into hanging out with other computer geeks...So are we.  Join in our monthly meetup for MineCraft.  It's open to everyone, just join in and play.  If you need one of our computers, then you need to preregister.  Otherwise, bring you laptop to the space and game with other nerds.  One of our local MineCraft experts will be on hand to answer questions.

Group Meetups 

Youth Maker Camps 2017

Typical Day:

8:30-9:00 Drop off time

>Class Group Game

>Learn and explore concepts (teaching)

>Maker Meetup or guest expert


>Daily build project (programming)

>Show & Tell

3:00-3:30 Pick up time


Cost:  $150 a week*
Hours:  9:00 to 3:30
Ages:  11 to 17
Lunches:  You bring a lunch, we provide the refrigerator
Instructors:  Baylor students, local engineers, teachers, artists and parents.
Location:  All Events take place at Maker's Edge  (and the parking lot in back).
Extended Hours:  Pick up is 3:30, but if you need extended care, speak with a staff member.
Teaching Topics:  Some class content is subject to change as we adapt to Maker Camp Content, but theme weeks will not change.

*some supply fees may be added to certain classes, from $29 to $139 per week according to electronic components (arduinos, wires, lights, VR goggles, etc) that need to be purchased for that particular class.  The student will be able to keep all components purchased for the class.

June 26-30  Superhero Week

Create your own costume, emblem and weaponry design for your own superhero. Students in this class will be introduced to Scratch, Sketch Up , 3D printing, prototyping, woodworking, and Nerf builds.  Sample projects include CAD/ 3Dprinting, animation, Scratch, vacuum forming, Superhero designing and cartoon design.  *Supply Fee: $29

June 12-16   Medieval Week

Using the techniques and tools of medieval times, participants will use wood, leather, metal, fire, and brute force to fashion their projects. This week is a little bit crafty and a little bit They’ll also learn about the scientific principles behind their projects.  Sample projects include metal forming, woodworking, leather tooling, chainmaille, soap making, candle making, cooking open flame, and a trebuchet.  *Supply Fee: $39

July 24-28   Mars Mission Week

This space exploration themed camp will be focused on aircraft, aerodynamics and space-based research. Students will use a selection of 3D printing, laser cutting, or CNC machine tools to fabricate projects related to a trip to Mars. Topics will also include issues with residing in space, challenges of space travel. A special build project will be assigned at the beginning of the week. Students will construct “items” for a competition at the end of the week.  Sample projects include Mars Rover discussions, rockets, hydroponics (think "The Martian" Movie), weather sensors (electronics), programming, mold a “martian monster” modeled on the computer (Autodesk 213D Sculpt).   *Supply Fee:  $39