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Do you have a tool that would work great in our space (or just needs to get out of yours)?  There are several ways to contribute to the makerspace:

DONATE – Grant permanent ownership to Maker's Edge.
LEND – Maker's Edge is the custodian, but you still own it.
LEASE – Maker's Edge leases (rents) the tool or equipment from you. (The details of this program are still being worked out, send an inquire if interested.)

​Even if the item is unavailable for a number of weeks, letting us know allows us to better plan our future spending. We may be willing to pick up and move the item if necessary. Thank you, and please contact us if you are interested in any one of these options. Material donations are also kindly accepted. Any materials that can be used for woodworking, metalworking, electronics testing, computing (old computers), sewing crafts, artists crafts, and other crafts will gladly be considered. We will recycle your old materials and put them to great use!​

We are a for-profit, but many NFPs want to work in our space.There are certain tools, equipment, and items that we simply can’t afford on our own budgets. A monetary donation will help us reach our goals, equip our space with these items, and help us be a first-class workshop that the public can enjoy. Please contact us to donate today!  We are also glad to answer any questions in how donations will be utilized at any time. If you have any more questions about our fundraising efforts, or Maker's Edge in general, please contact us.
​ We hope to hear from, and meet, you soon!

We have enough to get Maker's Edge started, and we already have an impressive inventory of tools. But we need more tools, equipment, materials, and money to properly outfit our space and meet the demands of Waco's Educational community. MANY area schools and youth groups would love to have sponsorship in our space. As you know, it takes money and resources for each child to have access to the tools, classes and materials. We can connect you with a group or you can directly sponsor students in our space. We appreciate anything you can offer, and no contribution is too small. We guarantee that every contribution will be put to good and proper use.